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SCENIC AGRICULTURE SDN. BHD. was established in 2005 in Johor, Malaysia. Having been certified Malaysian Phytosanitary Certification Assurance Scheme (MPCA), we are well established as one of the main wholesaler / supplier, importer / exporter of plants in Malaysia. Our products and services are sourced from countries worldwide such as Thailand and China. In addition to local clients, we also specialize in the growing and supply of wholesale native and exotic plants to the landscape and retail nursery plant supply in Singapore.
景緻農業有限公司 于2005年在马来西亚柔佛州成立。我们已成为马来西亚主要批发商、供应商和进口出口商之一,并获得马来西亚植物检疫证书保证计划(MPCA)认证。我们的产品和服务来自世界各地,如泰国、中国。除了本地客户,我们还专门为新加坡的景观和零售苗木厂种植和供应批发本地和外来植物

Dedicated to the highest standards of horticulture, we utilize the very latest advances and innovations in plant growth available to the nursery industry. For the past decade our growth has been encouraging due to demands for mature, good quality and exotic plants by housing and development projects in Malaysia and Singapore. This is enhanced by our company policy to consistently upgrade our product range with rigorous sourcing trip overseas for quality addition to our existing stock of quality shrubberies and plants.
我们致力于最高标准园艺, 我们将种植的最新进展和创新应用于苗圃工业。在过去十年中,由于马来西亚和新加坡的住房开发项目对成熟优质的外来植物的需求,我们有了令人鼓舞的增长。我们公司不断扩展我们的产品范围,通过严格的海外采购,以提高我们现在的优质灌木和植物库存质量。

We specialize in wide range of trees, shrubs and plants:

  • Ferns and fern allies
  • Cacti and succulents
  • Climbers and creepers
  • Bamboos, grasses and sedges
  • Epiphytes and lithophytes
  • Herbaceous plants
  • Woody shrubs
  • Palms and cycads
  • Trees
  • Aquatic Plants

Our team of professional and dedicated staff is committed to better serve our valuable clients and meeting their needs. For this reason, we provide transportation for both local and Singapore customers. The entire loading process are handled by experienced workers and overseen closely by our supervisors.


Our Vision

SCENIC AGRICULTURE SDN. BHD. marketing programs and initiative present our products directly to the garden centre customers and landscapers; creating customers demand and enhancing garden center sales locally and Singapore. We are willing to expand our business in order to meet our market expectation in the near future.

Today the need for a healthy green environment makes us realize the need to expand our nursery in order to keep pace with the growing demand globally.

Lastly, we would like to show our appreciation by thanking in anticipation to all customers that has been supporting us for years.

With Best Wish