Service & Tenet 服务及理念

Service Concept  服务理念
  • We can timely master the industry dynamic and market information through the industry associations, and provide advice to our customers.
  • We provide customers the planting, fertilizing guidance and the seeding diseases and insect pests problem solution through the plant protection technology platform.
    我们为 客户提供种植及施肥指导,尽力提供解决方案。
  • We use experience and technical service as our marketing method. We directly face the end-user to learn the customers need and market information in the first time. We make advises for our customers depending on the different region, climate, and soil which their plants need to get used to. We use the data of experiments to obtain their trust on us and our products.


Our tenet is “client oriented, faith is root”.

When I think of great companies, here is my list of the 10 basic tenets of great companies that each seems to have in common:

  • Recognize that customers and employees are our greatest assets.
  • Combine great vision with strong core values and superb execution.
  • Stay connected to our employees, customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Demand quality and excellence in everything and everyone, and hold people accountable for great results.
  • Continually search for ways to deliver more value to customers, and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Make course corrections when and where needed, and realize that perfect failures are sometimes necessary to accelerate the speed of change.
  • Follow the Golden Rule principle in their treatment of others, and create win-win partnerships in all major areas of the business.
  • Value and reward diversity, teamwork, collaboration, smart risk-taking and innovation.
  • Lead by real-world experience and example, not by the latest management dogma.
  • Set high standards for performance, and consistently exceed their business and financial goals.